In a time before porcelain

The faience collection of the Baumann Foundation

Where? On the first floor in rooms 14

What? Herrmann Baumann not only collected weapons, his passion also belonged to the faience – jugs and vessels. Here he took the nearby collection in Feuchtwangen as a model. The exhibition of 400 faiences in the RothenburgMuseum is divided according to regions and manufactories. Of particular importance: Frankfurt, Hanau, Nuremberg, Ansbach, Schrezheim and Crailsheim. The state enterprises subsidized by the sovereign princes experienced their heyday from the middle of the 17th century onwards, before porcelain production replaced the cheaper variant made of clay about 100 years later.

What must be seen? A faience jug from Schrezheim is particularly elaborate and beautifully worked out.


Tonkrug, Schrezheim, RothenburgMuseum, Museum Rothenburg