Via the 7 virtues and the 7 vices to the monastery kitchen

The cloister

Where? On the ground floor, follow the tour after the cash desk (rooms 1 to 9 on the ground floor)

What? Except for the southern part, the cloister of the RothenburgMuseum is still in its original state from the year of construction in 1258. The southern cloister was demolished when the church of the Dominican monastery was destroyed in 1812 and was only rebuilt true to the original in 1980. The inner courtyard once served as a medicinal herbs garden, which is now located in front of the museum on the former site of the church.

What must be seen? In the cloister of the RothenburgMuseum are the original figures of the facade of the “Baumeister”-house, which represent the seven vices and seven virtues. From the cloister you can access the old monastery kitchen and the room with the Rothenburg Passion.




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