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The Baumann Foundation has been an integral part of the Rothenburg Museum since 1999. In the foundation contract, the founder, Mr. Hermann Baumann from Rothenburg o.d.T., stipulated that a foundation under public law should be established and maintained.

The almost 1,000 objects that the foundation comprises consist mainly of war and hunting weapons from the Stone Age to the 19th century, of exceptional quality and elegance. Highlights include the hunting ensemble of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, the hunting rifle with sabre of Jérôme Napoleon or the dueling pistol case of Prince Klemenz von Metternich – all objects created by the LePage, the undisputed European masters of gunsmithing!

In addition to the weapons collection, faience is also on display, the selection of which is on a par with larger museums. Especially the objects of the Ansbach manufactory, but also the Crailsheim, Schrezheim and Nuremberg pieces show a very high level.

Not to be forgotten are the pastry molds, the pewter and the excellent collection of various locks.


BAUMANN, Wilfried:


The complete catalogue of the Baumann Foundation with illustrations of all exhibited war, hunting and protection weapons, described in German and English! Preface by Dr. Alfred Geibig, Director of the Art Collections of the Fortress of Coburg.

PDF file on CD, 788 p., ca. 400 MB, (revised 2015)

29,00 EUR as CD plus postage and packing in Europe (EU) 3,50 EUR

The RothenburgMuseum was enriched by one more attraction in 2018: almost 300 romantic oil paintings and watercolours, drawings, precise copperplate engravings and etchings with motifs from the Tauber valley. A donation has made this significant increase in the municipal collections possible.

Klaus Berge, a former businessman from Frankfurt am Main, has long enjoyed the idyll of the Tauber region and has been collecting historical views from Wettringen to Wertheim for decades. The wish that his important collection should remain undivided and visible in the future ultimately prompted him to hand it over to the RothenburgMuseum.